Still Alive (No GLaDOS)

2011-07-27 22:48:11 by Cam3leon

Hello all you happy people :)

Haven't been on Newgrounds in a while, but I'm still tolling away on beats, rhymes, and remixes. But I've made it a point to quit teasing/infuriating folks with demos and snippets. I've got one too many unfinished projects and I realize that most of the completed products I promised never came to tuition.

For that I apologize, and I'd like to thank all my friends, fans, listeners, critics and supporters for your enduring patience, helpful advice, kind words, real talk, and overall awesome. I mean it when I say that I can't get better without you, and I've been in the lab doing just that. I got a few requests to fulfill and I don't plan to release any material until it's close to finished in my eyes.

If you have any questions, comments, suggestions, or just wanna say "wassup," feel free to hit me up :)


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2011-07-28 00:01:04

wassup man, nice music.

Cam3leon responds:

Thanks dude! Lemme know if you have any requests!