Pokemon Podcast

2011-08-10 16:22:46 by Cam3leon

In addition to fulfilling remix and beat requests, as well as re-energizing my own music collective (SoulReal Records), I have been recruited for a couple of interesting projects.

One shall be a Christian album, arranged by a good friend from my alma mater, Hood College (he's the one that suggested the idea for the unique piece L-Block Kirby :D). Details are sparse at the moment, so I'm not entirely sure if I shall be rapping, producing, or both for my contribution. But I'll definitely give more details when I receive them. Either way, I'm excited and blessed to be a part of such a project!

The other is a Pokemon-themed rap compilation album, the brainchild of Pokemon Podcast as a gift to fans and a fun way to promote the MC's involved. I have a couple of cool song ideas brewing as we speak, one of which shall be a hilariously over-the-top peek into the life of Pallet Town's favorite son, Gary Muthaf**kin' Oak!! (...or Blue, if you wanna keep it "canonical" lol). So expect to hear more about that...

I still haven't forgetten about you guys in the slightest, though, so if you have any questions, comments, or music requests, feel free to drop a line! And check me out on Facebook if you can!

My "beats and rhymes" page
My "remix" page

Thanks again for the support!

Pokemon Podcast


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2011-08-21 15:54:56

Combinin Pokemon with Rap? That takes me back to the Pokerap. XD

Good luck with the album, man. I'm rootin for ya.

(Updated ) Cam3leon responds:

A new Pokérap WAS the first idea that popped into my head. But I'm old-school (I stopped at Gold/Silver), so namechecking nearly 500 species would be daunting to me lol. But thanks for the support, man! I'll keep y'all posted!


2011-09-03 23:59:27

Old skool couldn't get any more popular, except with it goin back on TV again. Lol.

Old skool's definitely the way to go, bra. -w-

Cam3leon responds:

Yeah I'm thinking that if I decide to do it, it'll be a remix of the first joint (AT LEAST 150...AND MORE TO SEE...)


2011-10-04 08:33:45

Yosh! I'm lookin forward to even moar Pokemixes! :D