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Posted by Cam3leon - September 11th, 2012

Hey my Newgrounders, long time no beats! I'm still working on music for y'all though, so expect to hear more soon!

Anyway I need your help on something. I'm compiling a mixtape for a special forum (a certain upcoming convention) to showcase my best and most popular tracks so far. Which 5 beats, remixes, or original pieces do you think I should include? Please at least list one of your favorites if you can't think of 5. I need feedback from everyone. Thanks!

Posted by Cam3leon - February 8th, 2012

Newgrounds pulled a Facebook! *Charlie Brown scream*

Posted by Cam3leon - August 10th, 2011

In addition to fulfilling remix and beat requests, as well as re-energizing my own music collective (SoulReal Records), I have been recruited for a couple of interesting projects.

One shall be a Christian album, arranged by a good friend from my alma mater, Hood College (he's the one that suggested the idea for the unique piece L-Block Kirby :D). Details are sparse at the moment, so I'm not entirely sure if I shall be rapping, producing, or both for my contribution. But I'll definitely give more details when I receive them. Either way, I'm excited and blessed to be a part of such a project!

The other is a Pokemon-themed rap compilation album, the brainchild of Pokemon Podcast as a gift to fans and a fun way to promote the MC's involved. I have a couple of cool song ideas brewing as we speak, one of which shall be a hilariously over-the-top peek into the life of Pallet Town's favorite son, Gary Muthaf**kin' Oak!! (...or Blue, if you wanna keep it "canonical" lol). So expect to hear more about that...

I still haven't forgetten about you guys in the slightest, though, so if you have any questions, comments, or music requests, feel free to drop a line! And check me out on Facebook if you can!

My "beats and rhymes" page
My "remix" page

Thanks again for the support!

Pokemon Podcast

Posted by Cam3leon - July 27th, 2011

Hello all you happy people :)

Haven't been on Newgrounds in a while, but I'm still tolling away on beats, rhymes, and remixes. But I've made it a point to quit teasing/infuriating folks with demos and snippets. I've got one too many unfinished projects and I realize that most of the completed products I promised never came to tuition.

For that I apologize, and I'd like to thank all my friends, fans, listeners, critics and supporters for your enduring patience, helpful advice, kind words, real talk, and overall awesome. I mean it when I say that I can't get better without you, and I've been in the lab doing just that. I got a few requests to fulfill and I don't plan to release any material until it's close to finished in my eyes.

If you have any questions, comments, suggestions, or just wanna say "wassup," feel free to hit me up :)

Posted by Cam3leon - October 31st, 2010

Click here to view my Facebook remix page

This page is exclusively for my game remixes and original works! "Like" it and check out some of the joints I got on there. Requests and constructive feedback are welcome :)

Click here to view my "beats and rhymes" FB page

This is my first music page, specifically made for my rap songs and instrumentals. If you're interested in a beat (hip-hop, R&B, electronica, etc), lemme know.

You LIKE me, you really LIKE me!

Posted by Cam3leon - October 25th, 2010

In honor of the newest title in the series, Marvel vs. Capcom 3, I'm feeling inspired to do a few mixes based on its character themes. I personally love the soundtrack, but I know a lot of y'all have mixed feelings over the more "techno" direction they've been taking (sounds like the composer of Super Street Fighter IV did them). So I wanna see if I can throw my hat in the ring.

I know I owe some ppl requests, but they will come. Trust me :) lol so lemme know which tracks you want me to play with. My personal fave: Spider-Man :D

Posted by Cam3leon - January 10th, 2010


Check out (and subscribe to) my page to see other works I couldn't or haven't posted on here, as well as videos of me goofing around and even a few rhymes. See you guys there!